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  • Go to Individual Personal Care Assistant Training

  • Minnesota statute requires all PCAs to take and pass the above certification test.

  • The online training and test is free.

  • You must register with DHS before taking the test.

  • When you pass the test, please print the certificate for your records.



  • All PCAs are required to complete the orientation test before beginning work.

  • Download and study the PCA Home Training Packet – and then take the Orientation Test

  • Complete the training and testing of Home Care Bill of Rights



  • All PCAs are required to complete 8 hours of continuing education each year.

  • You must complete the following 4 courses EVERY YEAR

  1. Pro-Health Care Policies and Procedures

  2. Maltreatment of minors and vulnerable adults

  3. Home Care Bill of Rights

  4. Infection Control Techniques

  • In addition to the above courses offered by Pro-Health Care, PCAs can choose online courses by CareStar Learning.

  • You must get a username and password from the office to enroll.

  • Follow the instructions below to access CareStar online training:

    • Go to:

    • Click ‘Login’ on the top right of the page and enter your username and password

    • If the site asks you to update your profile, enter your first and last names

    • Click ‘Dashboard’ in top menu

    • Select a course you want to take and click ‘Start’

    • Use the arrow keys to read the course material

    • Click ‘Next Module’ on the top right to take the quiz

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